Who is Thuel Hair Clinic and how can they help me recover my hair?

At Thuel Hair Clinic we know that recovering your hair can change your life and give you back the confidence you used to have. We offer you this opportunity through the best and most innovative treatments and procedures available today.

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Robotic Hair Transplant ARTAS

At Thuel Hair Clinic we are proud to be the only clinic in Costa Rica that puts at your disposal the ARTAS technology, the Robotic Transplant Hair System, which achieves permanent and natural looking results without pain or scars.

The ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant, approved by the FDA, is based on the extraction of follicular units from a donor area through a minimally invasive procedure. Its advantages lie in the use of sophisticated imaging and precision robotic technology to dissect follicular units accurately and systematically thousands of times in a single session, allowing the patient to preserve the natural appearance of the donor area.

Trasplante Capilar Robótico
microinjerto de barba

Beard Micrograft

The Beard Micrograft is yet another hair implant application for facial aesthetics. It can be used for a variety of applications from small corrections to the complete design of a mustache or a beard. The beard implant is usually requested by people who need to correct sparse beards, located small hair loss patches, or hair loss generated by a disease or scar.

Hair Restoration

This technique is especially indicated for those who suffer from hair loss but still retain the roots of the hair. It is excellent for reducing hair loss, promoting hair growth, adding thickness to fine hair, repairing damaged hair fibers and renewing hair when it has been damaged as a result of environmental or genetic circumstances. In addition, it allows the scalp to have the amino acids it needs to increase the production of keratin and, therefore, have healthy and abundant hair.

cejas reconstrucción

Eyebrow Micrografting

The Eyebrow Micrograft refers to the autologous hair transplant with the FUE technique in the area of the eyebrows. The eyebrow micrografting is becoming more common and its spectacular results with the advance of techniques in capillary surgery, obtaining maximum naturalness.

Hair Micropigmentation

The capillary micropigmentation achieves an incredibly natural optical simulation of hair birth on the scalp.

Hair micropigmentation is ideal for patients suffering from irreversible hair loss processes who are not candidates for surgery, that is, patients with a loss of density that does not allow the implantation of micrografts due to the risk of damaging the existing hair in the area.

alopecia areata

Hair Scars Repair

The Hair Scars Repair is another of the applications of the hair implant. It is used to eliminate scars caused by car accidents, sports injuries, birthmarks, burns, inflammatory diseases (discoid lupus erythematosus, lichen planopilaris and severe forms of psoriasis), facelift surgeries and neurosurgery that result in the destruction of hair follicles in those areas.